Student services and support programs


Guidance officer

Elliott Heads State School has access to a guidance officer as part of a circuit provided by Education Queensland. The Guidance officer is on call and works with students, staff and parents to provide:

  • diagnosis of specific learning disabilities
  • counselling with regard to social/emotional issues
  • advice on support services available in the local area

Download the Request for guidance services form(PDF, 124 KB).


Our chaplaincy program is an optional service introduced to provide students, staff and parents with support which may have a religious and/or spiritual component. Any activities with religious or spiritual content are only offered to students with their parents’ written permission. Chaplaincy services provide an additional adult role model in schools.

Whilst personally modelling and owning their own faith positions or belief, chaplains avoid any implications that any one religion, denomination or other set of beliefs is advantageous or superior to any other denomination, religion or belief.

Our school’s chaplaincy program complements other support services in the school such as those offered by the guidance officer. Chaplains do not refer to external agencies. Chaplains report issues of concern to the principal and the principal is responsible for external referral processes.

Our chaplaincy program is inclusive of and shows respect for all religious and non-religious beliefs and other stances represented in the school community. All activities and events provided within a chaplaincy program are non-discriminatory and equitably available to students of all beliefs who choose to participate.

Download the request form for One-on-one ongoing chaplaincy support (PDF, 69KB).

Download the Chaplaincy program consent (PDF, 90KB)

Religious instruction

At Elliott Heads State School, a multi-denominational Christian based religious instruction program is offered from Year 1 to Year 6. This program, known as a cooperative program, is offered in all state schools in the Bundaberg area. The content of the program has been developed and approved by all the major Christian faith groups in the district.

Health support

School nurse

While Elliott Heads State School does not have a school nurse on site, the school can make appointments for parents at their request. Staff members are supported by a registered nurse educator, employed by Education Queensland. The nurse educator trains staff to manage students with significant health issues, and works with staff and parents to develop individual health plans for these students.

Dental van

The school dental van visits Elliott Heads State School every 3-4 years as part of its circuit. In the interim, visits to other local school dental vans can be organised through the school office, or by phoning the school dental services office on (07) 4303 8059.

Life education van

Harold and the life education van visit Elliott Heads State School annually. The life education centre offers programs ranging from healthy living to the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. The program includes support and information sessions for staff and parents.

Learning support

Gifted and talented program

Elliott Heads State School has developed its own gifted and talented program. Students who are identified as being gifted in particular areas can take advantage of the multi-age setting through curricula acceleration and compaction. Enrichment and extension activities are also planned for these students within the classroom. Additional opportunities such as University of NSW Tests, ACE Programs (in conjunction with Kepnock State High School), Impact Online (Brisbane School of Distance Education) and Maths Team Challenge are also provided throughout the year.

Additional assistance

Elliott Heads State School has access to the following support personnel as part of its staffing formula:

  • A Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy (STLN) to support students who need additional support with their learning. Download the form to have your child reviewed by the learning support team.
  • A Special Education Program (SEP) support teacher for students with diagnosed specific learning difficulties.

In addition, the school employs additional staff, to support students identified as requiring additional support as a result of school assessments and NAPLAN Tests.

Student progress is also carefully monitored through the school tracking program, which includes a screening program to identify new students who need additional assistance in literacy and numeracy. All students are tested in Reading, Spelling, Numeracy and Science, annually in the school’s assessment program.

Teachers cooperatively plan programs to meet individual student’s special needs in consultation with specialist personnel. The school has access to a range of support specialists including:

  • Support teacher – Literacy and numeracy
  • Special education program teacher
  • Additionally employed support staff
  • Guidance officer
  • Speech – Language pathologist
  • Occupational therapists.

Advisory visiting teachers: physical impairment, intellectual impairment, speech and Language impairment, hearing impairment, autistic spectrum disorder.

Teacher aides are trained in specific intervention programs to improve student learning, i.e., Rotary Reading Support program, Support-a-Reader, Support-a-Writer, Support-a-Numerate Person and the delivery of Speech Language programs. Download the request form for Speech language assessment (PDF, 228KB).

Last reviewed 13 February 2019
Last updated 13 February 2019