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We encourage parents to subscribe to our emailed newsletter. This can be organised by emailing the principal at and making a request.

Our school website also supports the use of the QSchools smartphone app.

The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about schools. The app is designed to integrate with this type of school website, and allows users to see when news, events and newsletters are posted to their selected school website.

The school community can also receive emergency announcements such as natural disasters and school closures through the app. All Queensland state schools are searchable via the app.

The QSchools app will be particularly useful to parents who have students in different schools, as the app manages updates from multiple schools in a single view.

Subscribe to your school to stay engaged with the school community

Add schools to your favourites to get school news items, newsletters and calendar events straight to your smartphone. Add events to your smartphone calendar. Multiple schools can be added as favourites.

Important alerts

Receive push notifications for important announcements about school closures and natural disasters.

School search

Find schools using text search, postcode, school name, suburb or your current location.

School details

View school details including contact numbers, web address and other related information.

Android and iOS versions of the app are available for free download from the iTunes store and Google Play.

For privacy information see our Privacy Statement. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Requires access to the internet. 

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

newsletter-week-8-term-4-2018.pdfNewsletter week 8 term 4 2018newsletter-week-8-term-4-201829/11/20181918 KB
newsletter-week-5-term-4-2018.pdfNewsletter week 5 term 4 2018newsletter-week-5-term-4-20188/11/20181953 KB
newsletter-week-3-term-4.pdfNewsletter week 3 term 4 2018newsletter-week-3-term-425/10/20181914 KB
newsletter-week-1-term-4-2018.pdfNewsletter week 1 term 4 2018newsletter-week-1-term-4-20184/10/20181381 KB
newsletter-week-7-term33.pdfNewsletter week 7 term 3 2018newsletter-week-7-term3330/08/20181622 KB
newsletter-week-5-term-3-2018.pdfNewsletter week 5 term 3 2018newsletter-week-5-term-3-201816/08/20183013 KB
newsletter-week-3-term-3.pdfNewsletter week 3 term 3 2018newsletter-week-3-term-32/08/20182303 KB
newsletter-week-1-term-3-2018.pdfNewsletter week 1 term 3 2018newsletter-week-1-term-3-201819/07/20181169 KB
newsletter-week-11-term-2-2018.pdfNewsletter week 11 term 2 2018newsletter-week-11-term-2-201828/06/20181797 KB
newsletter-week-9-term-2-2018.pdfNewsletter week 9 term 2 2018newsletter-week-9-term-2-201814/06/20181642 KB
newsletter-week-7-term22.pdfNewsletter week 7 term 2 2018newsletter-week-7-term2231/05/20182265 KB
newsletter-week-5-term-2.pdfNewsletter week 5 term 2 2018newsletter-week-5-term-217/05/20181610 KB
newsletter-week-3-term-2.pdfNewsletter week 3 term 2 2018newsletter-week-3-term-23/05/20182575 KB
newsletter-week-1-term-2a.pdfNewsletter week 1 term 2 2018newsletter-week-1-term-2a20/04/2018809 KB
newsletter-week-10-term-1.pdfNewsletter week 10 term 1 2018newsletter-week-10-term-129/03/20181959 KB
newsletter-week-8-term-1.pdfNewsletter week 8 term 1 2018newsletter-week-8-term-115/03/20181473 KB
newsletter-week-6-term-1.pdfNewsletter week 6 term 1 2018newsletter-week-6-term-11/03/20181520 KB
newsletter-week-4-term-1.pdfNewsletter week 4 term 1 2018newsletter-week-4-term-115/02/20181617 KB
booklist-2018.docxBooklist 2018booklist-20183/01/201845 KB