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We encourage parents to subscribe to our emailed newsletter. This can be organised by emailing the Principal at and making a request.

Our school website also supports the use of the QSchools smartphone app.

The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about schools. The app is designed to integrate with this type of school website, and allows users to see when news, events and newsletters are posted to their selected school website.

The school community can also receive emergency announcements such as natural disasters and school closures through the app. All Queensland state schools are searchable via the app.

The QSchools app will be particularly useful to parents who have students in different schools, as the app manages updates from multiple schools in a single view.

Subscribe to your school to stay engaged with the school community

Add schools to your favourites to get school news items, newsletters and calendar events straight to your smartphone. Add events to your smartphone calendar. Multiple schools can be added as favourites.

Important alerts

Receive push notifications for important announcements about school closures and natural disasters.

School search

Find schools using text search, postcode, school name, suburb or your current location.

School details

View school details including contact numbers, web address and other related information.

Android and iOS versions of the app are available for free download from the iTunes store and Google Play.

For privacy information see our Privacy Statement. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Requires access to the internet. 

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Week 8a Newsletter.pdf16 November 2017Week 8a Newsletter16/11/20171014 KB
Week 101.pdfElliott Heads SS Term 2 Week 10Week 10122/06/20172747 KB
Week 10 Insert.docxInsert for Term 1 Week 10 NewsletterWeek 10 Insert30/03/2017723 KB
Week 10.pub2017 Term One Week 10 NewsletterWeek 1030/03/20171518 KB
Week 8 Insert.docxInsert for Term 1 Week 8 NewsletterWeek 8 Insert17/03/2017324 KB
Week 8.pub2017 Term One Week 8Week 817/03/2017355 KB
Week 6.pub2017 Term One Week 6Week 62/03/2017217 KB
Week 4.pub2017 Term One Week 4Week 416/02/20172100 KB
Week 2.pub2017 Term One Week 2Week 22/02/2017248 KB
15 Newsletter 06-10-16.pdf15 Newsletter 06-10-1615 Newsletter 06-10-164/11/2016607 KB
16 Newsletter 20-10-16.pdf16 Newsletter 20-10-1616 Newsletter 20-10-164/11/2016616 KB
17 Newsletter 03-11-16.pdf17 Newsletter 03-11-1617 Newsletter 03-11-164/11/2016618 KB
13 Newsletter 25-08-16.pdfNewsletter 13 25-08-1613 Newsletter 25-08-1625/08/2016593 KB
12 Newsletter 11-08-16.pdfNewsletter 12, 11th Aug 201612 Newsletter 11-08-1611/08/2016817 KB
11 Newsletter 28-07-16.pdfNewsletter 11, 28-07-1611 Newsletter 28-07-1628/07/2016824 KB
10 Newsletter 14-07-16.pdfNewsletter 10, 14-07-1610 Newsletter 14-07-1614/07/2016862 KB
nl8 27-05-16.pdfNewsletter8 27-05-16nl8 27-05-1627/05/2016853 KB
nl7 12-05-16.pdfNewsletter 7 12 May 2016nl7 12-05-1612/05/2016643 KB
nl06 28-04-16.pdfNewsletter 05 28 April 2016nl06 28-04-1628/04/2016848 KB
nl05 14-04-16.pdfNewsletter 05 14-04-16nl05 14-04-1614/04/2016596 KB
nl04 17-03-16.pdfNewsletter 04 17-03-16nl04 17-03-1617/03/2016578 KB
nl03 03-03-16.pdfNewsletter 03 03 March 2016nl03 03-03-163/03/2016886 KB
nl02 18-02-16.pdfNewsletter 02 18 February 2016nl02 18-02-1618/02/2016820 KB
nl01 04-02-16.pdfNewsletter 01 04 February 2016nl01 04-02-164/02/2016842 KB
nl18 24-11-15.pdfNewsletter 18 24 November 2015nl18 24-11-1524/11/2015599 KB
nl16 03-11-15.pdfNewsletter 17 3 November 2015nl16 03-11-153/11/2015599 KB
nl16 20-10-15.pdfNewsletter 16 20 October 2015nl16 20-10-1520/10/2015558 KB
nl15 06-10-15.pdfNewsletter 15 06-10-15nl15 06-10-156/10/2015633 KB
nl14 08-09-15.pdfNewsletter 14 08-09-15nl14 08-09-158/09/2015602 KB
n113 25-08-15.pdfNewsletter 13 25-08-2015n113 25-08-1525/08/2015593 KB
nl12 11-08-15.pdfNewsletter 12 11 August 2015 nl12 11-08-1511/08/2015693 KB
nl11-28-07-15.pdfNewsletter 28 July 2015nl11-28-07-1528/07/2015595 KB
nl10-14-07-15.pdfNewsletter 10 14 June 2015nl10-14-07-1514/07/2015586 KB
nl9-16-05-15.pdfNewsletter 16 June 2015nl9-16-05-1516/06/2015641 KB
nl8-02-06-15.pdfNewsletter 2 June 2015nl8-02-06-152/06/2015581 KB
nl7-19-05-15.pdfNewsletter 19 May 2015nl7-19-05-1519/05/2015601 KB
nl6-05-05-15.pdfNewsletter 5 May 2015nl6-05-05-155/05/2015608 KB
nl5-23-04-15.pdfNewsletter 23 April 2015nl5-23-04-1523/04/2015546 KB
nl4-24-03-16.pdfNewsletter 24 March 2015nl4-24-03-1624/03/2015595 KB
nl3-10-03-15.pdfNewsletter 10 March 2015nl3-10-03-1510/03/2015581 KB
nl2-17-02-15.pdfNewsletter 17 Fevruary 2015nl2-17-02-1517/02/2015584 KB
nl1-03-02-15.pdfNewsletter 3 February 2015nl1-03-02-153/02/2015785 KB
nl-36-27-11-14.pdfnewsletter 27 November 2014nl-36-27-11-1427/11/2014860 KB
nl34-11-14.pdfNewsletter 6 November 2014nl34-11-146/11/2014577 KB
nl32-23-10-14.pdfNewsletter 23 November 2014nl32-23-10-1423/10/2014567 KB
nl31-16-10-14.pdfNewsletter 16 November 2014nl31-16-10-1416/10/2014589 KB
nl26-28-08-14.pdfNewsletter 28 August 2014nl26-28-08-1428/08/2014596 KB
nl25-21-08-14.pdfNewsletter 21 August 2014nl25-21-08-1421/08/2014600 KB
nl24-14-08-14.pdfNewsletter 14 August 2014nl24-14-08-1414/08/2014596 KB
nl-23-07-08-14.pdfNewsletter 7 August 2014nl-23-07-08-147/08/2014563 KB
nl22-31-07-14.pdfNeswletter 31 July 2014nl22-31-07-1431/07/2014581 KB
nl21-14-07-14.pdfNewsletter 24 July 2014nl21-14-07-1424/07/2014556 KB
nl20-17-07-14.pdfNewsletter 17 July 2014nl20-17-07-1417/07/2014558 KB
nl19-26-6-14.pdfNewsletter 26 June 2014nl19-26-6-1426/06/2014556 KB
nl16-05-06-14.pdfNewsletter 05 June 2014nl16-05-06-145/06/2014585 KB
nl15-29-05-14.pdfNewsletter 29 May 2014nl15-29-05-1429/05/2014595 KB
nl14-22-05-14.pdfNewsletter 22 May 2014nl14-22-05-1422/05/2014620 KB
nrl13-15-05-14.pdfnewsletter 15 May 2014nrl13-15-05-1415/05/2014619 KB
nrl12-08-05-14.pdfNewsletter 12 May 2014nrl12-08-05-148/05/2014636 KB
nrl11-01-05-14.pdfNewsletter 01 May 2014nrl11-01-05-141/05/2014576 KB
ANZACDayNote.pdfAnzac Day LetterANZACDayNote23/04/2014201 KB
nrl10-03-04-14.pdfNewsletter 3 April 2014nrl10-03-04-143/04/2014391 KB
nrl8-20-03-14.pdfNewsletter 20 March 2014nrl8-20-03-1420/03/2014166 KB
nrl6-27-02-14.pdfNewsletter 27 February 2014nrl6-27-02-146/03/2014179 KB
nrl4-20-02-14.pdfNewsletter 20 February 2014nrl4-20-02-1420/02/2014166 KB
nrl3-13-02-14.pdfNewsletter 13 February 2014nrl3-13-02-1413/02/2014165 KB
nl2-6-2-2014.pdfNewsletter 6 February 2014nl2-6-2-20146/02/2014182 KB
nrl35-29-11-2013.pdfNewsletter 29 November 2013nrl35-29-11-201329/11/2013177 KB
nrl33-14-10-2013.pdfNewsletter 14 November 2013nrl33-14-10-201314/11/2013185 KB
nrl32-7-11-2013.pdfNewsletter 7 November 2013nrl32-7-11-20137/11/2013185 KB
nrl31-31-10-2013.pdfNewsletter 31 October 2013nrl31-31-10-201331/10/2013293 KB
nrl30-24-10-2013.pdfNewsletter 24 October 2013nrl30-24-10-201324/10/2013293 KB
nrl29-17-10-2013.pdfNewsletter 17 October 2013nrl29-17-10-201317/10/2013184 KB
nl25-2013-09-05.pdfNewsletter 5 September 2013nl25-2013-09-055/09/2013178 KB
nl24-2013-08-29.pdfNewsletter 29 August 2013nl24-2013-08-2929/08/2013241 KB
nl23-2013-08-22.pdfNewsletter 22 August 2013nl23-2013-08-2222/08/2013163 KB
nl22-2013-08-15.pdfNewsletter 15 August 2013nl22-2013-08-1515/08/2013236 KB
nl21-2013-07-18.pdfNewsletter 8 August 2013nl21-2013-07-188/08/2013168 KB
nl20-2013-07-18.pdfNewsletter 1 August 2013nl20-2013-07-181/08/2013166 KB
nl19-2013-07-18.pdfNewsletter 25 July 2013nl19-2013-07-1825/07/2013173 KB
nl18-2013-07-18.pdfNewsletter 18 July 2013nl18-2013-07-1818/07/2013181 KB
nl17-11-07-13.pdfNewsletter 11 July 2013nl17-11-07-1311/07/2013252 KB
nl16-2013-06-20.pdfNewsletter 20 June 2013nl16-2013-06-2020/06/2013195 KB
nl15-2013-06-13.pdfNewsletter 13 June 2013nl15-2013-06-1313/06/2013191 KB
nl14-2013-05-30.pdfNewsletter 30 May 2013nl14-2013-05-3030/05/2013180 KB
nl13-2013-05-23.pdfNewsletter 23 May 2013nl13-2013-05-2323/05/2013175 KB
nl12-2013-05-16.pdfNewsletter 16 May 2013nl12-2013-05-1616/05/2013167 KB
nl11-2013-05-09.pdfNewsletter 09 May 2013nl11-2013-05-099/05/2013218 KB
nl10-2013-05-02.pdfNewsletter 02 May 2013nl10-2013-05-022/05/2013176 KB
nl9-2013-04-04.pdfNewsletter 04 April 2013nl9-2013-04-044/04/2013173 KB
nl8-2013-03-28.pdfNewsletter 28 March 2013nl8-2013-03-2828/03/2013355 KB
nl7-2013-03-21.pdfNewsletter 21 March 2013nl7-2013-03-2121/03/2013185 KB
nl6-2013-03-14.pdfNewsletter 14 March 2013nl6-2013-03-1414/03/2013180 KB